NEW ALBUM "RENAISSANCE" is OUT NOW via Frontiers Music srl

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1. Into The Darkness

2. Black Star

3. Dark Eclipse

4. Without Fear

5. Away From Heaven

6. Not The Same

7. The Edge

8. Flying Over You

9. Lord Without Soul

10. Renaissance



We are stoked to announce another GREAT addition to our family!!

One of the best young prog metal band of the scene has chosen to join us!

Please welcome the mighty Noveria!!

Check their latest powerful video "STRONGEST THAN BEFORE" here:



Headless announces new bassist!
The guy in charge of the four strings from now on is none other than Martin Helmantel of Elegy himself!

Four strings dutch master comments:

“I really look forward to working with these lads…I am very happy that they asked me to join!”


Check out the new epic videoclip of Eternal Idol featuring Fabio Lione:
"INTO THE DARKNESS", don't miss out the new album

out on November 6th 2020 via Frontiers Records.


After this strange summer we're back with some exciting news as promised!
Sakåda Music is proud to announce a new amazing addition to its growing family:

The band fronted by Mr. Göran Edman (known for his exceptional singing with Yngwie Malmsteen and

John Norum) has started recording the new album, due in early 2021 via the danish label Mighty Music.

You can watch the highly acclaimed brand new single Risin’ Up: HERE!


Trick or Treat

"ARIES: Stardust revolution" brand new video from TRICK OR TREAT featuring professional cosplayers!
Check it out!!!


Fabio Lione

Fabio shared a memory dear to him...

...Angels are calling
from divine lost crystal realms..
riding from heaven
for the magic of the wizard's dream..
After He heard the song Lamento Eroico He decided and wanted to collaborate with us..
Was a truly great experience,

I spent 3 days with him sometimes talking in perfect italian, teaching him the best way to do his parts, talking about his movies, italian actors he knew andthat he worked with Alberto Sordi, Franco Nero etc.., Lord of the rings movies and stories, opera, travels..
He was 84 at that time, sometimes he called me with my real name sometimes just called me "il tenore"..haha!!!I

Still remember when he said to me that he always had a dream in his life and wanted to make it real before was too late.. to sing in a record, i mean a real cd and so we decided to record this song!!! (in 4 different languages not 9 as he asked me at first😅)
Then he gave me a mastered cd in wich you can hear him singin', when he was young, 11 opera tracks!!! Really a great present from a great man..
I will always remember the great time we all had with this gentleman when i will think or listen to this song!!!..Grazie Mr Lee..

The Magic of the Wizard's Dream, released in 2005, is Rhapsody's fourth single. The song featured Christopher Lee and Fabio Lione singing a duet. 

Trick or Treat

You can buy it via the band's official Store,
HERE ➡www.trickortreatband.com



As you all know we are living in a strange(r) world right now: a virus changed our habits and our everyday lives wiping off all live shows for an unknown period of time.
We will be rescheduling shows when the authorities will officially let that happen again, meanwhile we will keep updating the activities of our bands and working on our and live music comeback!
Stay safe and stay at home!


Trick or Treat

Here you can see the complete gold saints line up all drawings are made by the multitalented Alessandro Conti! Check his work, some creations are also for sale!

Fabio Lione

Fabio during the shooting of the new Eternal Idol video.

New album is scheduled to be out after next summer, stay tuned!

Dark Matter

Well, well, look what we have here; none other that Paul "PMFB" Beach finishing up a song for our new album currently under way @ Paradox Recording with Rick Duncan at the helm and axe-slinger Terry double documenting the brutality