Dark Matter

Dark Matter faithful! Now is our time! The eyes of the music industry will be judging us all at the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2017!





Here is the first single and video from a brand new project starring the killer duo vocalists Alessandro Conti and Fabio Lione.Check it out!

Check the new Lione/Conti Facebook page out and stay tuned for more upcoming juicy news👍



Trick or Treat

And here it is: turn up the volume... here comes the DevilMan.




Voodoo Highway

These guys delivered 2 top shows in Belgium and The Netherlands along with our friends in Sandness, too bad for the ones who stayed at home...Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to Sandness crew Giovanni and Corrado for their amazing work.See you next time!



Trick or Treat

Awesome news: here is the cover of Trick or Treat's new album 'Re-Animated', based on cartoon themes.Title and artwork by the multi-talented golden boy singer Alle Conti.

Voodoo Highway

We are proudly sorry to announce that the voodoo aka VOODOO HIGHWAYis once again unleashed troughout Europe, this time with our friends of Sandness.Be sure to miss them, its gonna be a blast of fun!!



Dark Matter

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.Dark Matter's brand new video 'Silence Is Rage taken from their latest album "Encipher"'. So please, sit down and turn the volume up to experience Metal at its finest... and loudest!




Voodoo Highway

Remember to forget that tonight 1st of June,  VOODOO HIGHWAY will hit the stage  to perform "The Ordeal" during its release party!!CDS will unfortunately be available at the club thanks to Sleaszy Rider Records!RockcaFE - Malborghetto di Boara · Ferrara, Italy.





Tonight!!! 12th May 2017 Koyle is having the great honour to share the stage with the grandmaster of rockdrums,

Mr "The Drums Legend" Chris Slade from AC/DC!!!



Voodoo Highway

Here you can admire the hand drawn masterpiece (by Alessio "Sfiggy" Bolognesi) which is the cover of the "THE ORDEAL" out end of Spring via Sleaszy Rider Records.


Voodoo Highway

First videoclip and preview song from our new album "The Ordeal" which is going to be released via Sleaszy Rider Records at the end of Springtime 2017.




Voodoo Highway

Sorry to ruin your day... but these guys are determined to become rockstars... And they might make it!

Enjoy "THE ORDEAL" trailer!




Secret Sphere /Trick or Treat

Together with Frontiers Music Srl, Truck Me Hard and Partners  we are pleased to announce an absolutely unique event: The Triumvirate Tour!On stage together for the very first time three bands from the excellent «Made In Italy» metal scene: Secret Sphere, DGM and TRICK OR TREAT!!!This event will be a full tri-headlining tour with about 3 hours of pure Italian energy, catchy melodies, outstanding vocals, blistering guitar solos, and amazing musical arrangements!