While in Brasil Fabio took time to do a guest appearance for "the singing dude from youtube ", the amazing vocalist Mr. Dan Vasc
(Youtube link:, here's  Rhapsody's calssic; DAWN OF VICTORY""


Doesn't get much better than this!

Two of the best singers in the world together at ProgPower USA!

Fabio Lione and Roy Khan Fan-Page.


Month out from the anticipated retail date for Headless' vinyl pressing of the fantastic 'Square One' album. This one took forever to get back from the pressing plant, but looks fantastic with its cloudy blue sky color - only 250 pressed and in stores June 3rd.

Classic hard rock and progressive metal unite on the classy new album by the acclaimed European act featuring members of Geoff Tate's band, Elegy and singer Goran Edman (Yngwie, John Norum, Glory, Karmakanic). Mastered by Ted Jensen (Dream Theater, Marillion, Metallica).



TRICK OR TREAT will release the new studio album ‘Creepy Symphonies’ on April 1st on Scarlet Records – and, no, it ain’t gonna be a joke!

“Band is here with a new album, a mix of their musical all time inspirations and magic worlds /

Trick or Treat, you have a choice, are you scared or you enjoy it? /

Deads are raising from their crypts, it’s time for creepy symphonies.”

Recorded by Trick Or Treat and mixed & mastered by Simone Mularoni at the renowned Domination Studio, ‘Creepy Symphonies’ showcases the stunning artwork & layout courtesy of frontman Alle Conti.

New Noveria masterpiece is on its way, it's gonna hit hard!

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Fabio Lione (Official)

As people are asking me regarding the lyrics in the new Spirits Of Fire record here it is a summary my friends..(if you like classic pure heavy metal do yourself a favor and listen to this impressive cd)

Throughout the CD there is a kind of dialogue or thought of a man with himself / his mind or unhealthy part we could say.. this latent madness and life between dream and reality is present in all the tracks up to the final song "out in the rain" where the man almost gone mad, as if he were in a dream, is outdoors in the rain screaming and thinking about his past and how to face the present..taking refuge in his parallel world..

1- A Second Chance:

basically it is an entity/artificial intelligence/god that speaks and says that we are slaves of the system, the "black machine"..

2-Resurrection: the man follows his mind, the spirits of his past show him the way to the "resurrection", a new man in his parallel world..

3- Wildest Dreams: man has another vision of the world and losing his self control lives his wildest dreams finally he is no longer oppressed by modern society and material things..

4-Into The Mirror:however, man realizes that he is living a parallel dimension / life as if trapped in a mirror

5- Embrace The Unknown:"it takes a dreamer to believe", man embraces what is not known, his parallel life / mind / dimension

6- My Confession:

"there's more than meets the eye", the man confesses to himself practically realizing that there is much more to see or know than what they tell us..

7- Sea Of Change: the mind of man reveals to him that in this new dimension he will never die, he will never be condemned for the mistakes he made

8- Shapes Of A Fragile Mind: man speaks to god and asks him to free him and free us from earthly pain or suffering

9- House Of Pain: The man realizes that we could all have a second chance .. the "house of pain" is our world..

10- Hearts In The Sand: man knows he must change and is doubtful of this change

11- Remember My Name: The man is afraid of dying, he talks in his sleep to the girl he loved..

12-Out In The Rain:

"maybe you could go back in time!?" says that voice in his head.. The dialogue with himself continues until the surreal epilogue..

The man almost gone mad, as if he were in a dream, is outdoors in the rain screaming and thinking about his past and how to face his present..taking refuge in his parallel world..


Headless have been nominated as Best European Metal Band by the European Metal Channel. Thanks a million

Fabio Lione (Official)

...Release day!!!Love this album, album in which i wrote all the lyrics and the vocal melodies and its out now!My Confession, Out In The Rain, Into The Mirror..And U!?Take a listen, tell me, which one is your top song in this record?..








THE NEW SINGLE "𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐏𝐘 𝐒𝐘𝐌𝐏𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐘" OUT NOW !! #creepysymphonies #trickortreatband #powermetal #music #newalbum