Genre:: neo-classical metal


Label: independant



Symbolica is one of the finset south american heavy metal band.

Founded in 2011 in Brazil by singer Gus Monsanto and guitarist Zeka Junior was mainly meant as a studio project but after their debut album "Precession" was greatly acclaimed by the press and fans. they decided to trun it into the "real thing"... and here they are.

They shared the stage with Sepultura and Sir Russell Allen from Symphony-X.

Symbolica plays old school heavy metal in a fighting new shape!


Gus Monsanto - Vocals
Diego Bittencourt - Guitars
Zeka Jr - Guitars
Lucas Pavei - Bass
Marcelo Moreira - Drums

Awake the wrath of angels                      A Letter to Mankind                                 Enjoy the Ride                                                  Innuendo (Queen Cover)


Precession                    2012

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