Genre: souther hardrock

Founded: 1993

Label: Panacea / Phoenix Music

SQY (also known as Sequoyah) is a Dutch rockband founded in 1993 when 4 dudes got convinced that sweeping the stages dressed up as Indians, would be appreciated by a broad audience.So they did with great enthusiasm and they were proven right. Their first demo tapes were well received and followed by lots of gigs in the Netherlands, and abroad. Their energetic live shows got them throughtout Europe and the USA and allowed them to be chosen as support act for the biggest name on the scene like:Deep Purple (UK) / Europe (S) / DIO (USA) / Status Quo (UK) Saxon (UK) / Y&T (USA) Mötorhead (UK) / Tesla (USA) / Rainbow (UK) / Uriah Heep (UK) / Whitesnake (UK) etc...There is nothing that can keep SQY from doing what the like most; play Rock ‘n Roll on a stage near you!

Harald van Kruysdijk (lead vocals / guitar)

Joost Deeben (vocals / lead guitar)

Paul Rijkers (vocals / bass)

Wim Deeben (drums)

Red Room Of Fears                                  Hell Yeah                                                    Get it Done                                                Space Chick

                                                                                                                                              feat. Simone and Mark from Epica


The Rising                                                               1995

Big Town Hide                                                       1998

Live                                                                           1999

From Soho Down To Hollywood                       2000

SQY                                                                           2001

10 Years on the Road                                           2004

Full Throttle                                                             2004

Top Fuel Tendencies                                            2006

Demon Incite                                                           2011

SQuietlY (acoustic)                                                2013

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