Genre: Hard Rock 

Founded: 1996

Label: M-Theory Audioc

Headless is the new outfit of worldwide renowned swedish singer Göran Edman, former Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist.

The bandstyle can be found between "classic" and "hair metal" with a progressive injection.

Since the mid ’90’s Edman has been mostly a studio session vocalist until Headless arrived and drove him into giving new life to his poetry.

After releasing the Growing Apart album in 2013 - feat. Queensryche's Scott Rockenfield’s drumming - Headless toured Europe extensively, opening for the likes of Skid Row, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Candlemass & Don Airey.

The following album - Melt The Ice Away - came out in 2016 and  features Jim Matheos from Fates Warning. After that Headless embarked on another European tour opening for Angra, The Dead Daisies, Tygers of Pan Tang & Bonfire.

In 2018 American legendary vocalist Geoff Tate recruited some members of Headless to perform Queensrÿche classics in several European Countries. Guitarists Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente are stilltouring with mr. Geoff Tate.

But this doesn't mean Headless is sleeping!

Starting from 2020 the band is planning to release several new songs.

The first single is the anthemic "Risin’ Up", whose lyrics written by Edman suggest an ethical perspective that the singer wants to share with the new generations, considering what is lately happening worldwide.

Headless is:

Göran Edman      - Vocals,
Walter Cianciusi - Guitars,
Dario Parente     - Guitars,
Martin Helmantel - Bass,
Enrico Cianciusi  - Drums

Risin' Up                                                       Frame                                                          Good Luck Resized                                 Headless - live in NL

                                                                       feat. Fates Warning’s Jim Matheos  


Future To Past                                                       1996) (EP)

    Inside You                                                              1998

      Growing Apart                                                       2013

      Melt The Ice Away                                               2016

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