Fabio Lione

                                                      Fabio Lione

Genre: prog-power metal

Founded: 1991

Label: Nuclear Blast/EarMusic/Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Fabio Lione, il Mago, needs no introductions, capable of pulling off some extremely powerful operatic belts
and to easily mix his belting technique with a lighter mix for his 5th octave notes
he is worldwide acclaimed as one of the

best power metal singer of the scene and his belting technique leaves you speechless..
He started his career with Athena in 1991 and shortly after he engaged himself in a new challenge: Labyrinth.


In 1997,he became the lead vocalist of the legendary symphonic power metal band Rhapsody, this was his consacration.


In 1999 a new chapter starts: Vision Divinebut after few years he had to leave the band, due to the conflicting schedule because of the huge success of Rhapsody... he lately to rejoined them in 2008 when the album "9 Degrees West Of The Moon" was released


In 2010, Lione toued as guest lead singer with the US band Kamelot performing as vocalist for 49 shows both in Europe and USA..


In 2012, Fabio also joined brazilian progressive masters Angra.

They celebrate 20 years with many shows and the release of a new DVD, followed by 2 new albums and an incredible amount of live shows.


In 2016 Rhapsody released the album "Into the Legend" and after a short tour was  announced  that he was parting ways with the band.

In 2017/2018,left for a massive tour with Turilli and his former bandmates to perform on the hugely succesfull Rhapsody's 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour where they played all the Rhapsody's classics for one last time.

In 2018 Frontiers Music srl released "Lione/Conti" a cd featuring the two vocalists of Rhapsody.



In 2019 Fabio joined again forces with Luca Turilli to give birth to Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, a brand new project despite the name... The cd "Rebirth and Evolution" followed shortly after.

In 2021 another Eternal Idol album sees the light, "Reinassance", very well received from both press and fans...

Il Mago never rests!


ETERNAL IDOL - Into the Darkness   T/L Rhapsody - Zero Gravity               ANGRA - Black Widow's Web                 VISION DIVINE -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mermaids of their Moons



Secret Garden                                  2014

Ømni                                                 2018


A New Religion?                            1998



The Unrevealed Secret                2016

Reinassance                                   2021


Countdown to Revenge               2013


Piece of Time                                 1995

No Limits                                          1996



Legendary Tales                                                                               1997

Symphony of Enchanted Lands                                                   1998

Dawn of Victory                                                                                2000

Rain of a Thousand Flames                                                           2001

Power of the Dragonflame                                                             2002

Symphony of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret            2004

Triumph or Agony                                                                            2006

The Frozen Tears of Angels                                                          2010

From Chaos to Eternity                                                                   2011

Dark Wings of Steel                                                                         2013

Into the Legend                                                                                 2016

    Rebirth and Evolution                                                                     


    Vision Divine                                            1999

    Send Me an Angel                                   2002

    9 Degrees West of the Moon               2009

    Destination Set to Nowhere                 2012

    Best Of                                                       2017

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