Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Genre: groovemetal

Founded; 2009

Label: Independant

Dark Matter was born in Florida, US, when Jeff Lords (bassist), a founding member of the prog-metal legend Crimson Glory, met other like minded musicians and together they created a unique genre of metal, laying different styles together.

Keeping elements of prog', but getting into themes that are emotionally heavy.Unlike many of today's brutal singers, Paul can mix growl and pure singing up, switching between pure aggression, and soothing, crooner-style vocals.

"Musically you can hear our past, present, and future in the title track Encipher ... we feel like we've only begun." ~ J. Lords

Stay tuned, Dark Matter is surely a sleeping giant!

Dark Matter is:

Paul Beach: vox
Terry Schambers: guitar
Jeff Lords: bass
GJ Gosman: drums

Azrael                                                        Silence is Rage                                        Encipher                                                       Leaf


Encipher                               2016

Terminal Endeavour         2012

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